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The KZN Society of Mediators includes in its membership:

  •   Associate Members who are interested in mediation and/or who are in the process of meeting the requirements to become a mediator; and
  •   Mediators who have met such requirements. Mediators can be involved in any or all aspects of mediation, including family and divorce, commercial, labour and so on.

In order to join the Society as a Mediator, certain requirement must be fulfilled.

Requirements for Mediators in areas of practice other than Family Mediation:

The applicant must provide proof of:

  1.         Recognised and accredited training, and
  2.         Experience in having conducted not less than five mediation sessions.

Requirements for Family and Divorce Mediators: 

The applicant must provide proof of:

  1.         40-hours of mediation training on a NABFAM-accredited* mediation training course;
  2.         Depending on the applicant’s background and qualifications, one or both of:
  3. a)         12 hours of legal training, and/or
  4. b)       12 hours of psychology training; and
  5.         Participation in a minimum of at least 3 in-person or 5 online supervised mediation sessions.

*Where a Family Mediator has been trained through a training program that is not accredited by NABFAM, the mediator may apply for accreditation in one of the following ways:

  1.         Undergo training through a NABFAM-accredited training program; or
  2.         Provide proof of:
  3. a)         2 years’ experience as a mediator specialising in family matters;
  4. b)       Having completed a minimum of 10 cases with clients in the context of family matters;
  5. c)         Two Memoranda of Understanding or Agreements that the Applicant has written for his/her clients at the conclusion of the mediation process. The Applicant must maintain confidentiality. All identifying features (names of clients, addresses, birthdates, file number) are to be removed prior to sending the copies of the documents to NABFAM; and
  6. d)       Two letters of reference from two NABFAM-accredited mediators.

Each new application to join the Society as a Mediator will be considered on its merits.

Any decision made by the Board that an Applicant is required to undergo additional training in order to qualify for Mediator membership shall be final.